About Recycoin

The Recycoin project is designed using blockchain technology and smart contracts to create a new market that promote, support and fund every businesses, organizations, initiatives or movements that aim to play a positive role to face the environmental issue we are in now. The philosophy of the Recycoin’s project is focused on “Environment First” by always promoting collaboration between all players involved. The first objective of Recycoin is clearly to fight the climate change by reducing the greenhouse gas and pollution as much as possible, making money’s being the second objective. Once you accept this, you become an eco-responsible investor who agrees to do his part for the planet while supporting the emergence of a new environmental market and all investment opportunities that come with it.

We all know that one day a cryptocurrency will be a real claimant to replace the fiat money for a majority of the world population. What will it takes for this cryptocurrency to reach the mass and being adopted on a daily basis by all? A link. A philosophy that will link all people together, not based on countries borders, but based on a common cause to fight for: a cleaner world for our children’s generation. Recycoin is that long-awaited currency revolution.

For consumers, doing trades and business with our cryptocurrency will be a totally different experience than fiat money. Each transaction in recycoins will involve a moral commitment between people, companies and governments to do their part and play their role to address the environmental situation we are in now.

For a long time on banknotes it has been “In God we trust” but in the era we are in now, it’s time for a cryptocurrency to go for “Environment First”.

Make our environment cleaner

Ecofriendly shopping

Broader networking for people in the recycling industry

New environmental business opportunities


The mission of Recycoin is to open a new common front to reduce pollution and fight the climate change globally by gathering all peoples, organizations, movements, initiatives and companies under a same oath: Environment first, using our universal cryptocurrency as a mean.






No collaboration:

There is no close international collaboration in environment like in aerospace, each country is working in silos, just like states and cities.

No counterweight:

There is no comprehensive structure and no local environment union to counterweight decisions made at municipal, state, federal and global levels in environment matters.

Human behavior:

There is no reward system to encourage good ecoresponsible behavior from people.

What we do is for you all.



Our Solutions


We are launching the Global Eco Solidarity Fund to support financially organizations, movements, initiatives and companies willing to play a positive role to face environment challenges in the next decades. This fund will be composed of 50% of all the recycoins supply and its life cycle will last for 20 years after which, all recycoins will be released on the market. An average of 2.5% of the supply invested per year. The Fund’s mission is to support entrepreneurs from countries that accept the Recycoin cryptocurrency on their territory. On the other hand, each recycoin investor that buy from our Exchange partner will have automatically a share percentage of the Fund according to its investment. This way all recycoin owners will have a return on investment from the Global Eco Solidarity Fund, a reward for their support while the Fund continues to grow and reduce pollution.


Each Recycoin investor will become by default member of a local section of the Recycoin Trade Association, our union. Each city will have its own local section. The purpose of each section is to monitor everything related to environment in the city and to identify business opportunities that could be developed and set up. Each local section will also collect suggestions from citizen observations about what could be done better to reduce pollution and fight the climate change locally. If the issue is at the state or federal level, the case will be then escalated to the national level of the Recycoin Trade Association. If governments are not able to work in collaboration together, we will make sure that the Recycoin Trade Association become the perfect place for entrepreneurs to collaborate on environment projects to make money.


We are launching a marketplace that will promote and sell exclusively ecoresponsible products and solutions to our consumers who care about the environment. Our consumers can be as much individuals, cities or governments. All businesses supported by our Global Eco Solidarity Fund and by our Recycoin Trade Association, will have have premium exposure on this platform to sell their ecofriendly products and services. Obviously all transactions will be made using Recycoins.

We need to improve our collective environmental consciousness

so that before we make any decision, we will always question the impact we will have on our beloved planet.

Smart contracts

Universal Voting Power to all

None of us has any influence on fiat money, has they are regulated by each country. As the global war effort required in environment is asking everyone to get involved and play his part, smart contracts will grant every Recycoin owner a voice to express where the movement and investments should go. Each Recycoin owner will be able to vote, at a count of one vote per Recycoin owned, for the direction Recycoin should take in the future to have the best possible outcomes for environment and return on investments.

We do understand that we cannot force citizens in a way they are not up to, on the other hand we can listen where people want to go and the sectors they are willing to make sacrifices for the good sake of the planet and focus all the effort at the same place, to create the global synergy needed to see real tangible results.

Our cryptocurrency will be the reflect of the will of the global population exercising its right to have an healthy planet, for them and their children’s generation.

Recycoin wallet App Wallet

Once you’ve downloaded our wallet application, you can manage everything related to owning your Recycoins. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can own Recycoins.

Within our wallet application, you will be able to execute all essential operations to use our cryptocurrency as a payment mean, the way you want. The voting system will be also included in the wallet app, giving you the flexibility to exercise your voting right easily and when you want. Features included:

  • Store safely your Recycoins in your wallet app
  • Give/receive Recycoins to/from any other Recycoin owners
  • Buy and sell Recycoins within the app
  • Pay with Recycoins on platforms accepting our cryptoccurrency
  • Exercise your voting right to influence the direction Recycoin should take
  • Manage and own other cryptocurrencies

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us. We are entering a decisive era, we need everyone to achieve the change. No half mesures are acceptable. WE MUST GO BIG OR GO HOME!


Recycoin Sales

The coins will be available for transfer in your wallet on day one of the public sale.

November 11, 2021

20 Days

40% BonusSoft Cap$10M
December 1, 2021

31 Days

20% BonusHard Cap$161M
January 1, 2022

59 Days

10% BonusHard Cap$272M
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Pre-Sale List
Pre-Sale Starts on November 11, 2021
  • Coin Symbol RECY
  • Coin Sale Start November 11, 2021
  • Coin Sale End February 28, 2022
  • Coins for sale 16,161,616,161
  • Coin Price $0.050 USD
  • Specifications ERC20 Token
  • Max circulating supply 202,020,202,020
  • Sale duration 79 days

 Coin Allocation

  • Global Eco Solidarity Fund (GESF) 50%
  • Physical exchange network 25%
  • Online exchange platforms 10%
  • Dapp & DeFi platforms development, Wages and Bounty programs 6%
  • Public sale 5%
  • Pre-sale (must be registered on guest list) 3%
  • Founders, Environment leaders, Early investors and Public figures 1%


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions


Below we’ve provided a bit of information. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

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